Early Bird Sale at Belle Pivoine

Hello Everyone!

 Belle Pivoine proudly present:
Our Christmas's Angel Christmas Greeting Card
 Do you see her?
She come and greet you a Joyeux Noël

and look at him!
 Christmas will come soon without you know it

And Santa come early for an EARLY BIRD SALE. So be good everyone :) But wait a minute, that's a Panda! Yes a Santa Panda greet you a Merry Christmas :D
You want greet personally?
And here's the special gift for this season
You have friend that just have a new family?
Give them this special gift and they will be surprised and cherished it for long time :)

Psssttt.... and plus, I have a good news because it's EARLY BIRD SALE!!!!!
Order your christmas gift or cards early and save 15% through October 15th!
Code: EARLYNOEL15, ends October 15th at midnight.

Share this and enjoy the sale with others :)
We wish your Christmas can be more special, lovely and beautiful :)

Have a nice day!


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