so young so artsy

i've been long time not update this blog,
i'm so sorry dear!
many many side job fall on me.

and sorry, i just can give you some old stuff,
so young so artsy,
my artwork to an online magazine.

enjoy! :)


pilloo poo

again, after shiro and shesoe leave me,
poo leave me too, but this is because my dad!

i can't sleep.

setiap hari na kasih makan,
setiap kali na ciumin, na sayang-sayang,
dan poo tumbuh semakin lucu dan menggemaskan,
matinya dipanggang papi! sebeeellll!!!!

tapi, kalo dirunut-runut,
bukan cuma salah papi,
andai na ga males dan bawa poo balik kosan naik angkot,
walaupun repot, poo pasti masih ada sekarang....

tapi... tapi.... tapi....
dia sudah pergi. poo bertemu shiro dan shesoe.
mereka bersama-sama, walaupun mereka belum pernah bertemu didunia ini,
tapi disana pasti mereka bersahabat baik....

:heart: love you poo....

Pillo Poo in memorian,
september 27th 2009


lolli rainny day.


one day, when rain fall down,
God sent a kindness cloud to me,
Kind Glommy, his name,
He fallin' many many of lollipops,
He really know what i want,

it's a lolli rainny day!

thanks God.

lollipop.lollipop.lollipop.lollipop and lollipop.


-just an old art-

close to you

when you love someone,
you always wanna be close to she/he.

am i right?


Princess Aldora

Hey dear!
She's Princess Aldora

my 2nd sticker book that i made the illustration.

can't wait to see the book go publish :)



some of my illustration for Ramadhan Sticker Book,
my first project children illustration that going publish.
you can buy it as a ramadhan's gift for your children.

wish me luck dear!

....and Happy Merry Ramadhan
for all of you who celebrate :D


sad lolly fairy

one little lolly fairy was so sad,
because her bunny not come when she want to come.


they leave me, they were together.

a couple month ago shiro leave me,
now shesoe leave me,

they leave me,
they were together.

don't be so sad...
...maybe they more happy.


laissez-nous le jardinage: AYO BERKEBUN!

Some day, i look at my garden. empty. just a green green grass. no much flower there. then, i start to daydreaming (hihihi i am a daydreamer: love this!) i become a gardener, i will liven up all the flowers, all the beautiful flowers in my garden! aaaaaaaaaahhhh so wonderful, beautiful and peaceful! i'm dancing with pretty butterfly between all the pretty flower. whirligig around and around with eyes closed. with all things that i love, that's perfect!

hunny bunny...
come on!
dance with me!



the day when you gone...

my lollipop heart go to pieces,
feels rainy and empty,
that was the day when you gone.

around me always any a new hope
to fill my heart.
like the flowers are blooming,
and that happen in the same day.
i just have to take a look around again.

you just past of  my love story.
no regret.


give me a cheese, bird!

if there any wonderful day,
pretty flowery garden,
flying beautiful bird,
and swinging lovely camera,
and than...
impress it! 
(drawing or capture : that's up to you!)



when you can't sleep, you know you thinking of him...

last night,
my eyes opened at 03.33 a.m!
and can't closed anymore.
what am i was thinking of?
it's hot here!
i am thirsty,
"i want drink ultra milk choco!"
and than sleep again.


i feel flavor of a lollipop!

do you ever feel a lollipop?
i do! i do! i do!
just when touch lollipop with my lips,
it's feel i melt with it.
sweet, happy and fun!
that's a flavor of a lollipop



1st. The Process Story

This is the hard one,
Sometimes i feel so down,
And can’t move again
But, luckly i am! 
I’ve people who care about this story.

Thanks for my master, Mr. Iwan Gunawan, S.Sn, M.Si and Mr. Dionisius Bowo, S.Sn
Thanks for –brother in same master- Anis, Nunu and Agung
Thanks for all who do the same story in this semester, 
specially for 2004 – You are the best guys! We passed it together! YAY!!!
Thanks for hers –soeroso 32- crew
And thanks for my best friend and family who always support me! Love you!
Finally i can make it! DONE! Yup!

Picture Story Book Interactive for Children 
A fairy tale from North Sumatra: Putri Bunga Melur

The Book Cover
Inside The Book
Gimmick: A Mug

Gimmick: T-shirt and Pin

Promotion: A Poster

2nd. The Display Story

In the night of the day until the moon can sleep. 
We move my bedroom to my collage.
With all those people who care and feel the same in that night.

How tired but i can smile when look this:

3rd. The Last but not Lasted Story

After that night and only sleep for 4 hours.
Wake up, drasses and waiting.
Waiting is the emotional part.
7 is the number i’m in for presentation.

And here is me told the story!

They said what we very very want to hear: GRADUATE!
I got A+ - Thanks GOD!

So we can look so very very free like a bird, 
can smile without we worry about. 
That is our face in a piece of picture!
Satisfying, happy, pride, nothing else can i say.

Enjoy my bedroom with a  w o n d e r f u l  p e o p l e s



Suatu waktu ada teman yang bilang "dia sih enak bisa gambar, lha gw ga bisa!?" 

GA BISA. Yup! Ga bisa, itu yang dia bilang. *huff (narik nafas panjang).

In my opinian, dalam menggambar, bukan masalah bisa atau ga bisa 

tapi mungkin akan lebih tepat menggunakan kata suka atau ga suka

Kalau kamu suka menggambar, kamu akan menggambar, dan jadilah gambar. 

Karna suka kamu akan gambar terus menerus (ga peduli bagus atau jelek) 

dan skill gambar kamu jadi terasah. 

Kalau kamu ga suka menggambar, kamu ga bakal mau menggambar dan ga akan ada gambar. 

Dalam menggambar ga ada kata bagus atau jelek, karna yang digunakan disini adalah perasaan. 

Drawing is about feeling.


If you draw with your feeling,


than, it will touch other people’s feeling who see it 

that will effect become like or dislike

Just draw and enjoy when you drawing, 

there’s any pleasure that you can feel, 

like i feel everytime i draw

Close your eyes. Open your hands. 

Feel like you are in grassland. 

Sky so blue. Wind so soft and touch your hair. 

Than, take a deep breath and feel it! 

Feel great, isn’t it? 

For me, drawing is about love, experience and imagination.

Have a great drawing in your heart!