Dear me

a letter for me from myself


Marie la lady romantiques

I dream about a young lady last night,
very beautiful like a blooming flowers
so sweet as a cotton candy
and soft like a silk
There here is,
Marie la lady romantiques
i drew her as my imagination
hope you will love her :)


still there

Hey, why you still there? JUMP!


Rubber band love

That's true! it's really H-U-R-T

I must learn from yesterday,

So, I have be more careful to fall in love,

because I want someone who want to held on forever,

like I want to held on if I'm fall in love again.



baby announcement card: Julia Suherman

another baby announcement card for Brown tree

save the date card

design for Melty's wedding-save the date card-

there will be any formal invitation to follow :)