they leave me, they were together.

a couple month ago shiro leave me,
now shesoe leave me,

they leave me,
they were together.

don't be so sad...
...maybe they more happy.


laissez-nous le jardinage: AYO BERKEBUN!

Some day, i look at my garden. empty. just a green green grass. no much flower there. then, i start to daydreaming (hihihi i am a daydreamer: love this!) i become a gardener, i will liven up all the flowers, all the beautiful flowers in my garden! aaaaaaaaaahhhh so wonderful, beautiful and peaceful! i'm dancing with pretty butterfly between all the pretty flower. whirligig around and around with eyes closed. with all things that i love, that's perfect!

hunny bunny...
come on!
dance with me!