featured at Fur Magazine

 Happy good monday everyone! :D
last friday, i got this package arrive to my hand.
really nice wraping, isn't it?
and guess what inside the package?
I open it very excited!
with me featured inside!
LOOK! This is me :)
What? You can't see? You don't believe?
OK, I'll close up! :D
how's now?
do you see my illustration of sweetest little fairy there?
do you see Emily's name card?
Unfortunately, they not put my website to see more of my artwork :(
Well, readers can google my name anyway if they like it :D

Do you want read whole inside the magazine?

New Edition
July - August 2012


Print: Full Color
32 sheet
145mm x 205mm
Price: 20K

buy this lovely indie magazine now before sold out!
Limited! just 50pcs
if you interested, send email to: fur.magazine@yahoo.com

Thanks Desta!
Thanks Fur Magazine


Jillian's Birthday Invitation

Happy Friday!
How's your week going?
always wishing a lovely one :D

I just finished Brown tree's birthday invitation project
for a cutest 1 year old girl with theme a garden party!
and here i go:
"Friends are flowers in the garden of life"

What do you think?
comment are always welcome :)

enjoy :)


Dancing peony

 it's been a long time, i didn't drawing for myself.
I almost forgot how's the feeling.
And Thanks God! I got that's feeling again today! :D

I started today with a sweet mood. 1 date cupcake & 3 bar of chocolate.
So now, i can show you my newest artwork: DANCING PEONY

beautiful peony, my rabbit mocha and my little niece who love dancing, icel.

shhh.... can you see Peony love to dance too?

Hope you like it!
enjoy :)



A boy is trust with dirt on his face,
beauty with a cut on his finger,
wisdom with bubble gum in his hair,
and the hope of the future with a frog in his pocket.

Here is my other boss's baby boy: LEON

If you see,
they have a different feeling for the announcement card, right?
Neo more cool & modern, and  Leon more classic.
Which one do you like most?
I can't choose :D i like them both in their unique image :)
But for Leon, i really satisfied with the printing and finishing result, how the emboss effect really awsome! :D

well done!


Hello everyone!
This days, I preoccupied with my bosses baby's announcement card.
They have new baby almost in the same time, just different 1 month! hehe well their babies are really cute and both are boys!

What are little boys made of?
Slugs and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails,
That's what little boys are made of

And this is the first baby that i will show you, named NEO, really unique name, don't you think? :) When i saw his picture for the first time, Oh My God! he's absolutely cutest! he has nice hair since baby!
Well, here's his announcement card:

i feel the result turns out good :)
I really like it! even we have some problem for the envelope but well everything can handled.
What do you think?


doodle: a happy face

i just clearance of the remnants of the dust from my past,
now i can have a happy face to face the future :)

Happy happy day
Happy happy life
A happy face


BIG - AFCC 2012

My illustration selected for 
Book Illustration Gallery
Asian Festival Children Content 2012!!!! 
Thanks GOD! :) :) :)

So, I had a flight to see my illustration there :)
Honestly, this is my first trip go outside my country! 

My illustration displayed at The Art House, Singapore

HEY LOOK!! That's my name! :D

Here is me with HOPE & PARTY


me & HOPE & PARTY & another illustration from the gallery

And this is the illustrations that displayed at BIG-AFCC 2012

And this is at Celebrating Our Stars

There's some pic from that's event.
Hope you enjoy it!



Afternoon everyone!
Want to share this baby dragon announcement card that the project was done! Since I really like the baby dragon here, so i want share with all of you :)

And this is the alternative:
alternative 1 
My favorite, i think it's perfect with cozy clouds for the baby dragon

 alternative 2
Cause the client like a simple style so i made this alternative,
more simple, more small the baby dragon..

Yap, and she's choose the alternative 2

Hope you enjoy it!


sweetest little fairy

Let me introduce my sweetest little fairy

Cupcake Fairy
a humble and smart yet reckless fairy

Lolli Fairy
the cheerful fairy

Chocolate Fairy
the sweetest one


Strawberry Fairy
the funny adorable fairy

read their story in this book:

The Adventure of 
Cupcake Fairy and Friends 
in The Land of Syalala

sneak peek inside the book:

still try to publish it
wish me luck ya!



just want to share this
a picture of my very first painting

what do you think?

hope you enjoy it :)


Emily's name card

Emily is make up artist with natural beauty touch,
she ask me to make a name card that reflect her make up.

here i go:



kartini love lollipop

Raden Ajeng Kartini, was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. Kartini is known as a pioneer in the area of women's rights for native Indonesians.

I'm Indonesia women who love lollipop and proud to be "Kartini"

please check my design at threadless and give it a score :D