the adventure of cupcake fairy and friends

hello dear!
i'm back with my lovely book made by me :)
just for all of you who like my artwork

try to publish this book
my first book that i made the story and the illustration,
an idea absolutely from me :D

and the synopsis are:

Once up one a time,
there were 4 little sweet fairy live in a barn sugar,
named fairy cupcake, fairy lolli, fairy chocolate and fairy strawberry.

...."Are you want to help me to make a cupcake?"
ask mommy fairy cupcake to them.

anyone want to publish my book?
please please please contact me :)


riri.lariza said...

love your illustrations !. :)

Fransisca Edwina. said...

thanks dear :)
dibeli ya kalo udah publish *promosi mode on :D