give me a cheese, bird!

if there any wonderful day,
pretty flowery garden,
flying beautiful bird,
and swinging lovely camera,
and than...
impress it! 
(drawing or capture : that's up to you!)



when you can't sleep, you know you thinking of him...

last night,
my eyes opened at 03.33 a.m!
and can't closed anymore.
what am i was thinking of?
it's hot here!
i am thirsty,
"i want drink ultra milk choco!"
and than sleep again.


i feel flavor of a lollipop!

do you ever feel a lollipop?
i do! i do! i do!
just when touch lollipop with my lips,
it's feel i melt with it.
sweet, happy and fun!
that's a flavor of a lollipop